Canvas Worldwide Launches Exclusive Report: The State of Sports Marketing in 2024

Canvas is thrilled to unveil an impactful partnership with Brand Innovators, a leading organization dedicated to driving innovation in brand marketing. Together, we are set to present a groundbreaking editorial series on the current state of Sports Marketing, featuring insights from influential marketing thought-leaders from both high-profile brands and professional sports leagues.

The series launches during Brand Innovators Sports Marketing Summit, held in Las Vegas February 7th – 9th. Both the editorial series and Sports Marketing Upfront promise to bring together industry experts to discuss several critical topics facing marketers today, including:

  • Sports Fans and Super-Fans — And How Brands Can Tap Into Both
  • Increasing Fragmentation and a Challenging Broadcast Environment
  • The Shifting of Sports Rights
  • The Rise of Women's Sports: And What It Means To Brands

The strategic collaboration stems from our commitment to pushing the boundaries of media innovation in impactful ways here at Canvas. By partnering with Brand Innovators, we aim to provide a platform for thought leaders to share valuable insights and strategies that navigate the dynamic, ever-shifting landscape of sports marketing throughout 2024.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Brand Innovators for this exciting editorial take on the state of sports marketing in 2024," said Paul Woolmington, CEO of Canvas Worldwide. "Our collaboration aims to not only explore the pivotal role of sports partnerships and marketing in advertising and media… but also address the real challenges marketers are facing in today's rapidly evolving environment, and how they can turn those challenges into opportunities."

The series will go beyond traditional discussions, offering a unique blend of expert perspectives from across verticals and brands, as well as innovative approaches to navigate the current landscape. 

"We believe this series will serve as a catalyst for meaningful conversations within the industry," said Marc Sternberg, Brand Innovators Co-Founder. "By bringing together advertising visionaries, we aim to shed light on the evolving dynamics of sports marketing and inspire new strategies for brands that will redefine the future of sports marketing."

We could not be more excited about the potential impact of this collaboration, with a goal of shaping the discourse around how marketers can continue to leverage sports of all kinds to engage with audiences and fans in 2024… and beyond!