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Around here, we believe that if you think you know, you probably don’t. And if you once did, you no longer do. If what worked yesterday works again tomorrow, it may be for an entirely different reason.

That means we assume nothing. Question everything. Recheck the data. And the other data. Make sure.

Then we readily resist the conventional—creating, inventing, crafting something unexpected instead. Something magical even. Something you may have never thought possible.

Because every day is new here, every assignment an opportunity to un-frame our thinking. To venture outside the Comfort Zone. To take the uneasy path.

Welcome to Canvas.
Make yourself uncomfortable.

our capabilities

Yes. We can do that.

There’s more, of course. Lots more. We should talk.

Go ahead. Open up our drawers. Check our servers. You won’t find a standard media plan anywhere. That’s because our brand strategists craft comprehensive marketing communications plans instead. There is a big difference, and it matters.

We refuse to place “media buys.” It feels like an anachronistic concept. Instead we focus on media investment—with all of the accountability that implies.

Speaking of which: We’re obsessed with analytics and ROI. If you’re not interested in digging into the numbers and making good work great (and maybe saving a few bucks along the way), you probably should hire someone else.

You want transparency and quantifiable results? Take a look at our approach to programmatic media: best-in-class technology, access to more than half the paid placements in existence, and full disclosure every step of the way. As it should be, right?

And another thing: We are doing things in social and search engine marketing that until recently you couldn’t do—things that before long everyone else will be copying. By then, of course, we’ll have moved on to something even better.

Our WHY Group are a bunch of consumer insights and strategy wizards. Well, not wizards EXACTLY, but what they do does seem like magic most of the time. Plus they really dig those big hats.

Also, you should check out how we use customer journeys to inform everything from marketplace analysis to content strategy. Plus we’re doing things in our consultancy division that we can’t even talk about. For now.

We don’t get too hung up on what you call us. AOR? Great. Marketing partners? Terrific. Content producers? Sure. Whatever works for you. We were built to take on most any marketing challenge, whether full service or à la carte.

Meanwhile, see that team over there? They’re working on new, cross-industry partnerships that you’ll find out about a few months from now, and when you do you’ll think: “That's another awesome idea. Why didn’t we think of that?”