As Advertisers Anxiously Await New OTT Strategies, We Weigh In with Solutions

TV networks came out with a strong message as they courted advertisers at the annual “upfront” presentations in New York this week. Digital may be hot and growing like crazy, but TV can provide a brand-safe space for ads as the tech world grapples with a series of privacy scandals and abuses of their platforms. Plus, there are all those streaming services on the horizon... 

“There is an insatiable appetite of the news about how we’re going to regain lost territory, and OTT streaming is a really important part of that,” said Paul Woolmington, CEO of Canvas Worldwide... But he said instead of waiting for networks to come up with creative new ways to get in the mix, advertisers should be thinking about it, too.

“I think it’s unfair for us to expect just the presenters to be providing solutions,” he said. “We also as partners need to be more engaged in shaping that future, rather than waiting for that future.”

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