Canvas Worldwide CEO Paul Woolmington on What It Takes to Break Through

Adweek Editor Ko Im saved the last 15 minutes of her podcast to celebrate Canvas Worldwide's most recent honor, being named Adweek's 2020 Breakthrough Media Agency of the Year

On the episode, Canvas CEO Paul Woolmington chalks up the win to our fearless clients for their amazing partnership, our team of 400+ restless optimists who are eager to solve problems big and small, and -- perhaps most importantly --  a willingness for collaboration between us all.

Woolmington noted that our teams across all six offices (NY, LA, Chicago, Dallas, Denver and Atlanta) turn up as if they mean business every single day and are open to creating inventive solutions... together. 

"We set out with a vision and a mission to break through in all that we do," said Woolmington on the podcast. "The idea is that nothing great was ever achieved without getting out of your comfort zone... and so we encourage all of our employees to break the conventions, make things better, listen to the consumers instead of thinking you know better because you’re the expert. Anyone who believes they have the solution alone is naive. Great work requires collaboration and so we embolden our people to ask questions, try new things and... to make themselves uncomfortable whenever possible. Because nothing great was ever achieved without making yourself uncomfortable first."

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