Discover How Canvas Has Not Only Survived the COVID Pandemic... But Thrived

So, as you can see, yes, we are serious about results. And sure, probably not the first time you’ve heard that from a media agency. But Canvas has fulfilled that promise time and again. 

Even now, during the COVID-19 pandemic, most automotive companies have understandably reported flat or decreased sales during the first half of the year. While dealerships in many areas of the United States were closed for the first few months of quarantine, most auto brands were negatively impacted by the loss of that traditional foot traffic. At Canvas, we focused on getting our clients through the immediate crises and back into the black. 

In fact, we've helped Hyundai continue to drive sales and deliver results, despite the down market. And in the middle of the pandemic, Kia posted the largest year-over-year retail-only volume increase in the industry as Canvas helped push demand for its six utility vehicles. Both brands are making market share gains and seeing extraordinarily positive retail results. This is business as unusual, but with the same results as usual.

Thoughtful and strategic, we’ve been building a better mousetrap on behalf of Hyundai and Kia since the birth of our agency. And 2019 was the year our ideas manifested. At a time when the overall auto market was trending downward (see graphic below), Canvas bucked that trend by eschewing outdated strategies to drive awareness and consideration. 

We’ve spent the last four years rethinking how media channels can be used during the path to purchase cycle, which led us to the realization that we could leverage digital video to drive retail foot traffic and increase sales for our clients. Through intriguing integrations, relevant partnerships and Super Bowl spots with unheard-of savings, we’ve deployed clever AND proven tactics to build awareness and drive awareness. 

The result? We blew the barn doors off the auto market with 16 consecutive months of growth for Hyundai and Kia while our biggest competitors were fighting a downturn in sales:

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