Canvas Sees Massive Efficiency Gains

The Drum recently published a fantastic case study, documenting how Canvas Worldwide was able to get the most out of Mediaocean’s closed ecosystems optimization solution (formerly Scope by 4C) in order to become more efficient during a critical time for our industry. The positive results testify to the importance of tools that automate workflows for agencies.

“Our partnership on closed ecosystems optimization began nearly five years ago," said Nancy Adzentoivich, Canvas Worldwide VP of Search and Social. "Approaching our joint work with trust and curiosity has led to innovation beyond what we had imagined. Innovation in workflow, time management, media performance, creative effectiveness, and client communications. By coming together, we’ve built something very special during a time when many of our competitors have struggled to stay afloat.”

Click here to read the complete case study, which documents our custom certification experience with Mediaocean, which led to shocking workflow efficiencies and massive business outcomes for our clients.