The Turbo-Charged Launch of the Kia K5—Even as Showrooms Were Closed

In recent years, the sedan market has been hitting some serious roadblocks. Low gas prices and decreased insurance premiums had more Americans buying S.U.V.s and crossovers, leaving cars in the dust. But Kia never saw this as a dead end. In fact, the automotive brand knew it could change drivers’ minds with the rollout of a whole new midsize sedan called the K5.
Completely rethinking the traditional four-door car, Kia was set to unveil its brand-new, never-before-seen sedan — the K5 — in 2020. Replacing the outgoing Kia Optima, it would offer more safety features, a turbocharged engine, and sleek and sporty styling. The K5 was destined to take the U.S. by storm… and then the Coronavirus Pandemic struck.
Car showrooms were shuttering across the country and no one knew when they would reopen. Consumers stopped spending as they reassessed their budgets and emergency savings. What was already a risky bet — launching a sedan in a market favoring S.U.V.s — became an even greater risk as auto sales began to plunge.
The launch of the K5 would require an ingenious media plan if it had any hope of making it. Listen in as we discuss the award-winning launch of the K5 and its death-defying media plan!