Cinema Advertising on the 2022 Comeback Trail

Every data barometer for cinema advertising that Canvas Worldwide's Senior Vice President of National Video Investment Tanya Zvonkin reviews points to 2022 as a renaissance year for the media sector. Blockbuster epics like Top Gun: Maverick and the latest chapters of the Thor, Doctor Strange and Jurassic Park franchises are drawing people to movie theaters. They're back as well for the half-hour or hour-long compilations of short subjects, trivia games, ads and movie trailers that precede the feature presentation. 

Attention span is one of several factors that make cinema advertising so potent, especially with the highly desirable 18-34 age group, says Zvonkin. According to research gathered by Canvas, 84% of theater attendees focus on the wide screen in front of them during pre-feature programming. After the movie ends, 60% can recall at least one pre-show message they viewed in major detail.

That's almost twice as high as the percentage of people who keep their focus on TV commercials watched at home -- 37%, according to a TVision survey conducted last year.