The Conventional Customer Journey Has It ALL Wrong

Most brands think of the Customer Journey as linear and logical – people move through a funnel from awareness to purchase to loyalty. But that's not how most people buy. In fact, your typical consumer is actually on two different journeys simultaneously. 

Join Flo Halliwell, Group Strategy Director at Hall & Partners and Peter Watkins, SVP, Managing Director, Decision Road at Canvas Worldwide, for a stimulating 30-minute webinar breaking down how the customer journey has been fundamentally misunderstood. We'll show you how much more impact a negative encounter can have on brand affinity than a positive one. Plus, learn how brand encounters increase the number of people affected. And, crucially, which encounters are best and worst. Finally, we'll reveal the four distinct types of consumers based on their purchase decisions. 

Key takeaways: 

• Understand how people make decisions in reality 

• See how different brand encounters affect customers’ purchase thinking 

• Challenge traditional thinking about the customer journey

Click here to watch the full 30-minute webinar on YouTube.