Canvas Worldwide Hosts Brand Innovators Media Summit

Canvas Worldwide hosted the esteemed Brand Innovators Media Summit in June, a premier gathering that garnered considerable acclaim from thought leaders across our industry. Distinguished speakers hailing from renowned brands such as Kia, Mattel, United Airlines, AT&T, TOMS, FanDuel, Enthusiast Gaming, LA Rams, Experian, and HP, among others, took the stage at our LA office to share meaningful insights and expertise.

This exclusive summit epitomized a true manifestation of thought leadership, delving into an extensive array of captivating subjects. Topics spanned the realms of upcoming developments in the Streaming Frontiers, strategies for brands to leverage fan communities, comprehensive analyses of the future of media, and social strategies that genuinely resonate. A robust cohort of over 200 brand-side marketers participated, alongside a select group of Canvas Team Members, all of whom immensely benefited from the discussions led by industry experts, shaping the trajectory of our field. 

The event offered several exceptional presentations delivered by esteemed marketers such as Fernando Machado, formerly the CMO of Burger King and Activision, who recently assumed the prestigious role of CMO at NotCo. Furthermore, Eric Watson, the Vice President of Sales Operations at Kia, delivered a compelling opening session, setting the tone for a great day from the onset.