Content. Contact. And CONTEXT! Discover the 3Cs of Marketing.

The power of context is critical!

Canvas Worldwide's CEO Paul Woolmington was recently interviewed by Teads CMO Natalie Bastian during the Brand Innovators Media Summit held at Canvas' LA Office. The two delved deep into the dynamic landscape that marketers are navigating today, highlighting the utmost importance of understanding context in our journey. Woolmington preaches about the 3 Cs of Marketing (Content, Contact and Context)… and that Marketing Nirvana is when you get these 3 Cs to harmonize at every point in the customer journey. It sounds simple… but if you take a moment to listen to their conversation, you’ll understand just how complex it can be! Thankfully, our team at Canvas is adept in reaching marketing nirvana… ????

Watch their full conversation here (and keep watching to learn more from additional thought leaders at United Airlines, HP and Mattel!).